The Best River Street Sweets

Ben and Jerry's
Located right under the Hyatt, Ben and Jerry's is a great place to stop in for a cone. They have a wide array of choices.
*1 W. River St.

River Street Sweets
Watch, as the River Street Sweets candymakers create delicious confections right there in the store. Observe them make taffy, as you try a sample. They make decadently sweet pralines and allow you to sample them. River Street Sweets also serves ice cream.
*13 E. River St.

Savannah's Candy Kitchen
The Candy Kitchen and River Street Sweets basically have the same candy at the same prices. The Candy Kitchen also sells freshly made pralines, bear claws, divinity, pecan logs, peanut logs, caramel apples, Byrd cookies, ice cream, and many other candies. My favorite treat is the chocolate-covered strawberries.
*225 E. River St.

Contributed by Kelly Fischer







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