Savannah Services

Welcome to Savannah, America's Most Beautiful City

Savannahians who offer their services follow the tradition of Savannah’s caring hospitality. From accountants to doctors and dentists to hair dressers and yoga centers, you will find Savannah services people truly care about their clients and do their utmost to serve them well.

















Savannah Accountants
Gail Barndollar CPA
311 W. Broughton St.
Tel: 233-3602
Deemer Dana and Froele
118 Park of Commerce Dr.
Tel: 238-1001

Savannah Artists

Savannah Attorneys
Hunter Mclean Exley & Dunn P.C.
200 E. Julian St.
Tel: 236-0261
Phillips & Roberts
402 E. Liberty St.
Tel: 232-0081

Savannah Auto Service and Repair
Southern Motors Acura
402 E. Broughton St.
Tel: 232-3333
Firestone Tire & Service Center
63 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.
Tel: 233-2131
Dixie Motors
2013 E. Victory Dr.
Tel: 355-3568

Savannah Barber Shops
The Barber Pole
110 Bull St.
Tel: 234-3831

Savannah Caterers
Creative Catering
252 Riverview Dr.
Tel: 341-3663

Savannah Chiropractors
Whelan Chiropractic
602 Abercorn St.
Tel: 232-1900
Wetherington Chiropractic Clinic
5602 Waters Ave. Ste. B
Tel: 351-0005
Arrowhead Clinic
7805 Waters Ave.
tel: 353-7246

Savannah Day Care
Calvary Baptist Day Care
4625 Waters Ave.
Tel: 351-2288

Savannah Dentists
Savannah Dental Associates
Philip Cooper, Jr. D.D.S.
413 W. Duffy St.
Tel: 234-5003
Dr. Matthew Folan, DMD
210 E. Hall St.
Tel: 236-6137

Savannah Dry Cleaners
White Way Laundry & Dry Cleaners
348 Whitaker St.
Tel: 238-3690

Savannah Florists
Garden on the Square
Flowers & Gifts
39 Abercorn St.
Tel: 233-7227
Savannah Hair Salons
Park West Salon
106 W. Gwinnett St. #1A
Tel: 349-4856

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Savannah Laundromats
Spin City
1404 E. Victory Dr.
Tel: 790-9880

Savannah Lawn and Garden
Savannah Hardscapes
64 McDowell Circle
Hardeeville, SC 29927
Tel: 843-784-6060

Savannah Nail Salons
Options for Hair Skin & Nails
106 E. Liberty St.
Salon Della Vita
128 W. Liberty St.
Tel: 231-0427

Savannah Pet Services
Tidy Dogs Grooming Spa
Wyndie Haldenwang, Certified Pet Stylist
Tel: 912-354-3322 or 912-655-9556
2215 B Rowland Ave.
Thunderbolt, GA 31404

4501 Habersham St.
Tel: 691-8788
Catnip & Biscuits Doggie Day Care
Luxury Pet Hotel
2615 Skidaway Road
Tel: 349-5838
Pet Portraits by Heather L. Young
Tel: 308-3018
Savannah Physicians
Southcoast Medical Group
Dr. Kenneth Griffin
1326 Eisenhoer Dr. #1
Tel: 691-4100
Ben Hubby MD
815 E. 66th St.
Tel: 352-1088
Felicia Carr MD
305 W. Harris St.
Tel: 231-9956
Opthalmology Associates
Dr. Judith Piros
2 E. Jackson Blvd.
Tel: 352-7941

Savannah Sightseeing Tours
Old Savannah Tours
Savannah Visitors Center
Tel: 234-8128
Savannah Rambles
221 E. York St.
Tel: 231-8653
Carriage Tours of Savannah
City Market and Visitors Center
Tel: 236-6756
Ghost Talk Ghost Walk
Reynolds Square
Tel: 233-3896 or 800-563-3896
Oglethorpe Tours
Historic District
Tel: 234-TOUR (8687)
Historic Savannah Carriage Tours
Historic District
Tel: 443-9333 or 888-837-1011
Lowcountry River Excursion/Bull River Marina
Bull River Marina
8005 Old Tybee Rd. (Hwy. 80 East)
Tel: 898-9222
Old Town Trolley Tours
Historic District
Tel: 233-0083

Savannah Skin Care
Options for Hair Skin & Nails
106 E. Liberty St.
Tel: 236-2611
Chatham Dermatology
820 E. 67th St.
Tel: 355-9818

Savannah Tattoo Parlors
Black Orchid Gallery
118 W. Victory
Tel: 236-0010

Savannah Veterinarians
Dr. Rachel Peeples, DVM
Our Beloved Ask A Vet
Liberty Veterinary Clinic
1094 Hwy 84 E.
Hinesville, GA 31313
Tel: 912-876-3357
VCA Greater Savannah
1350 E. Derenne Ave
Tel: 355-8898
Bremer Veterinary Clinic
7802 Hwy 80 E.
Tel: 897-3300

Savannah Video Rentals
Home Run Video and News
4 E. Liberty St.
Tel: 236-5192

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