Kayaking on Ebenezer Creek

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Kayaking in a Dream:
A Day on Ebenezer Creek
by Kelli Nottingham




Ebenezer Creek, a tributary
to the Savannah River,
is made up of 13 miles of
enchanting forests,
murky water, and
mysterious wildlife.

This winding creek possesses
an impressive resume:

it is one of only four waterways designated as a Georgia Scenic River, and is also named a National Natural Landmark. The best way to view the majestic cypress forests is by water, preferably by canoe or kayak. While some small fishing boats run on Ebenezer Creek, it is by paddling that one can appreciate the music of the forest and the peace of the water. Listen carefully for wild fowl, watch for turtles sunning themselves on exposed rock, and enjoy the sights of fish leaping for insects on the top of the water. Even alligators, while elusive, occasionally make an appearance.

At high water, it is possible to launch from Run's Creek, outside of Springfield. If, however, the water is a bit lower, $5 will buy an all-day parking spot and a convenient launch ramp at Ebenezer Landing in Effingham County, a perfect spot for departure.

On a recent kayaking trip on the Ebenezer, the sight of virgin cypress forests, with some trees estimated to be over 1,000 years old, created the ethereal feeling of a Tolkien novel. We spotted wild birds, including several birds of prey, turtles, fish, and even an alligator, lazily blinking his eyes while floating near the shoreline.

The water, the color of coffee, added to the mystical feel of the place, and every turn brought into view a landscape more impressive than the last.



This has become one of my favorite kayaking spots, with smooth water, cool shade interspersed with dappled sunlight, and a sense of quiet mystery that lingers long after the trip has come to an end.

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