We Need Your Help

Attention Georgia Residents

And non GA residents too - if this passes I expect other states to try as well.

There are bills before the GA legislature to tax veterinary services. Right now products are taxed via the sales tax but services ( like exams, vaccinations, bloodwork, etc) are not. This bill proposes a 4% tax on services which everyone expects local sales tax to join making it a 7-8% tax.

Veterinary medicine is the ONLY professional service to be included which sets precedent for more and more animal specific taxation.

Click here for a PDF file from the GVMA.

In addition to their talking points I think we need to focus on economic impact - ie with spending more at the vet office you will be spending less at local retail (pet and otherwise), travel, etc. In other words a tax on veterinary service will result in decreased taxes elsewhere and possible additional profit decrease for area business.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me. Please take a few minutes to address this - the pet owning population is an enormous constituent base and we can and need to make our politicians aware of that.

Dr. Rachel Peeples







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