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Chewy: This Rat Terrier has a big attitude for such a little dog. Loves to wear his sweater, and most of all, loves to chew on anything and everything. Owner: Rick Hamer
Ralph, a Jack-Russell and Blue Heeler mix, loves to jump and be by the water and play with his brother and sister. He's a real lover and likes to sleep under the covers in bed. Tiny, on the far right, is a poodle, though not necessarily purebred, and is a timid little guy, "Granny's baby." Owner: Saundra Leon
Leo, who despite her tomboyish name, is the epitomy of graceful femine felininity, has been, according to her staff, an angel since kittenhood. Leo does none of the things that some cats do, like scratch on furniture or carpets, leap on top of anything, or climb the curtains. She lives elegantly in an antique and knick-knack filled home and has neer knocked anything over. She simply looks elegant and purrs a lot.Staff: Barbara McFarland
Tasha was named after a comic book character, the Black Widow, a Russian spy named Natasha Romanov. We got Tasha when she was five weeks old. She is a mix of many things including German Shepherd and Retriever. A teacher at my school surprised me with her. I told her I had not talked to Robert about getting a dog. I was told that I could take her home just to try it out and see what my husband thought... yeah, right. No one could say no to a fuzz-ball puppy. She is now 1 year and 4 months old. Her best friend is Lola, also in the picture. She is spoiled rotten and will do anything for food! Owners: Laura and Robert Atkins
Lola is Tasha's best friend. She is 9 months old and an English bulldog....and shes the best roomate a girl could have!! Owner: Stephanie Genter
Dune has been with me since I opened the business. He was a puppy in the house when the office was located there. He has been our mascot since. With his gentle personality he has been a comfort to the agents when they have bad days and a joy to the customers when he goes up to place his head in their lap. Since Bella entered the family they have been "Best Buddies" and know eveyone downtown. Clarence , our friend and helper and dogwalker makes sure they get their exercise. Dune is a cancer survivor 3 times, each time very serious. His spirit is exceptional and his best friend Bella, who he welcomed with open arms into our family tries hard to duplicate eveything he does - Dune will be 10 in Oct. Owner: Cora Bett Thomas
Bella, is about five. She is a full bred Bassett. I adopted her one afternoon around 5:30 when I was picking up Dune from Chatham Animal Hospital.Bella was with a woman standing at the check out desk. I commented on how beautiful she was and the lady said her name is Bella and I'm looking for a home for her because she doesn't have much time left here. She said she helps find homes for Bassetts that are not adopted from the Humane Society. Owner:Cora Bett Thomas
Weezie, a direct descendant of one of the UGA dogs, splashes Cora Bett. Owner: Kenley Hostetter
Mr. Quack, or is it Ms.? arrived unheralded in the passageway behind Whitaker St. during a reent rainstorm, then vanished, to where no one knows, when the sun came out.. All of us are hoping this graceful creature returns with every rainfall




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