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Beau Bishop, age 8 years. John and Patricia Bishop brought Beau, a handsome Standard Poodle, home in April of 1999. He needed to be separated from his domineering mother, so Beau; a natural born "country" dog became a "city" dog. John says that Patricia dotes on Beau, and "I'm pretty partial to him as well." Owners: John and Patricia Bishop
Benson is a poodle-spaniel mix with a Schnauzer haircut. He came for a weekend visit with a friend who had adopted him from Save A Life in West Palm Beach. Jo and Benson instantly bonded so closely that the friend ended up leaving him with her. That was about 15 years ago. Two years ago, while they were living in a small apt. on Drayton St., Benson discovered a couple of kittens lost under a car downstairs. He cried and whimpered until Jo took them upstairs, fed and bathed them, and then left for work with them in the apt. When she got home that night, she discoverd that one had fallen off the balconey onto Drayton St., and Benson was crying again. From then on, when she went to work, she kept them in the bathroom while Benson guarded them carefully. She named them Duke (the big black boy) and Duchess (the small tuxedo girl) and soon realized that a tiny one-bedroom apt. was not room enough so she bought a house in Gordonston, where they all live happily together. Owner: Jo Ranow
Duchess ward of Benson. Benson still will not go to sleep at night until he knows that his cats are safely in from the yard and secure inside the house. Staff: Benson
Duke ward of Benson. Staff: Benson
Buddy, a beautiful, Miniature Poodle, came from PetsMart as a puppy two years ago, and has grown into a great comic. Owner: Vicki Wills
Pussy Bob was adopted from the Humane Society in Massachusetts, where they all lived at the time. Staff: Vicki Wills
Baby Bob was adopted from the Humane Society in California where he introduced Vicki to Dustin Hoffman at the shelter. Staff: Vicki Wills
Mr. Gomez. Pals with Liza.Staff: Allison Young
Liza is a Rottweiller who just turned three. She really looks like a rott-lab mix, but she was just the runt of the litter. She loves to sleep in until noon and howl with sirens. Her best buddy is Mr. Gomez. Gomez turned one year old earlier this year. He is the most calm and loving cat I've ever met. He trusts everyone and everything. My friend, Marika owns his older brother, Lopez and my sister, Laura owns his other brother, Misha. My favorite is when Liza and Gomez clean each other in the morning, it is the cutest! Nick bought Liza from a breeder and I got Gomez from a cat who lived by our old house. Owner: Allison Young
Liza and Chico
Chico is a Chihuahua mix. I got him when a friend brought him over after a neighbor had kept him tied up in a yard, never paid attention to him. He was covered with fleas and starved for attention. He's a little over two yeas old now and an absolute love, who gets along with everyone, including his big pal, Liza and the next door Boxer. Owner: Joy Phelan




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