How I became a SavannahBest Mascot

Hi, I'm Athena!

I have always been here, the Queen of the Realm of SavannahBest. Named after the Greek Goddess of Peace, Justice and War, I expect peace at all times in my domain, and if someone causes trouble, there is justice. Should anything untoward ever happen here, there would indeed be War.

My mom tells me I lived somewhere else for the first six weeks of my life, but I donít remember that. She says my mother was a beautiful German Shepherd named Heidi who married a handsome big red chow from the neighborhood. According to mom, she visited my five littermates and me one day. She picked up each of us small red balls of fur and hugged us. I was the only one who gave her a kiss in return, and so, I came to live with her.

I lived here for a long time with just my mom and dad and my cats. I tried and tried to get the cats to play with me with my squeaky toys! Every day, again and again, I would bring a toy to a cat, place it at their feet and do a little dance. Then I would squeak the toy. And push it into the catís face.

Those foolish cats didnít know what fun they were missing! They just ignored me or strolled away. Once in a while, one would run away, and I would joyfully chase after him in hopes that he would turn and do the same for me. It never happened.

One day, mom and dad took me for a long drive, at the end of which, I was introduced to a big red dog that looked much like me. We romped and played for a while. That was great fun!

Then we came home. A while later, mom and dad went out for a long time, leaving me home and bored. When they came back, though, they brought the big red dog, who I immediately gave a tour of the house and garden and patio. He was no more interested in the squeaky toys than those stupid cats of mine, but at least he liked to run and play and wrestle!

They said he was named for the Greek God of the Sun, and obviously a male god falls just below a female Goddess in rank. So Iíve always been very kind to him. Noblesse oblige, you know.

That evening, at dinnertime, I stood back like the dignified Queen that I am, and let him start eating his dinner first. Only once he began to eat, did I move to my own bowl and begin my dinner. I still do that, out of deference to my inferior. Once, a long while back, he tried to snag a kibble of my food that had dropped out of my bowl. I meted out some justice for that misbehavior, and itís never happened again.

These days, Apollo is Ruler number two of our realm and he seems to take his role very seriously, always breaking up squabbles between the silly cats, barking at anyone who raises their voice in his house. I let him handle these minor disturbances.

Life is good at SavannahBest..







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