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Stogie's Cigar Bar








We happened to pop into Stogie’s Cigar Bar the other night. Although there weren’t too many people there that night, I have visited Stogie’s once before to find the place packed with people of all ages.

Stogie’s boasts two bars, one upstairs and the other downstairs. The bar staff was quick and efficient, and there is ample seating available at the bar. We made ourselves comfortable on 2 red velvet couches in the back of the bar, a cozy nook for old friends to get together and share a few laughs. The music was mellow enough that we could actually hear each other’s conversations without yelling, and the high ceilings proved great ventilation for aroma of cigars. Although no one in my party ordered a cigar, there was one older gentleman, slowly smoking away the day still in his work clothes.

Upstairs hosts a pool table and what seems to be a younger more trendy crowd. At the time of our arrival, the bar upstairs had not opened, but by the end of the night it was serving drink after drink. I must say that the bar is kept quite clean, the drinks are reasonable, and the atmosphere inviting.

--Review by Gypsy Leigh








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