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Savannah Smiles Dueling Piano Bar








I didn’t know what to expect walking into Savannah Smiles on a Friday night. We were searching for a great lively spot, for friends from out of town. It proved a refreshing change of pace from our normal haunts.

The cover was just $5, money well spent. The bar is large with plenty of seating, and there are several tables in front of the stage. Perfect for a large party or group of friends. (a bachelorette party was there the night we went.) The crowd included young and old, regulars, and visitors, all there for a good show. The wait staff was on target, and we never once had to beg for another beer. They also offer a small food menu to choose from, but I was more interested in the entertainment than the food.

The stage boasts two pianos, and a drum set, and has a mirrored backdrop, where guests can pay to have a message posted loud and clear for everyone to see. When we first arrived the message read “Go Irish,” but that was soon topped by a patron that offered more money for it to read “Enough about Ireland, Go Scotts!”

The entertainment was loud and bold. The music consisted of mostly 80’s songs, and recognizable hits that the entire crowd could join in singing. Of course, they play by request, and never stopped for as long as we were there. There were always at least two pianists pounding away and an occasional drummer to accompany them. Aside from being great pianists, they are also great performers. They interact with the crowd, tell raunchy jokes, and keep everyone on their toes. Thankfully, we sat at the back of the bar, so as not to be called up on stage and humiliated! The Bride to Be was not so lucky! She, along with her fiancé were called on stage to sing that infamous song from the movie “Top Gun.”

If our guests hadn’t been ready to retire after a long day of traveling, I am sure we would have stayed until closing time.

--Review by Gypsy Leigh








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