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Russo's Seafood Restaurant
By Cima Star








It’s axiomatic that fish purveyors know how to cook fish. So it is no shock to those of us who have for years bought our fresh fish from Russo’s Seafood store that the newly opened little take-out restaurant next door, is good.

The only surprise here is the fuss a certain highly vocal minority of the residents in the Thomas Square neighborhood have made about whether or not people are allowed to sit down in the place. Housed in a charming Victorian house next door to the store, the little eatery has a few tables where customers can sit down while they wait for their prepared-to-order dishes or even eat the food they have purchased at the counter.

When the ringleader of the nay-sayers (who I assume does not like fish) got wind of the fact that customers were actually allowed to Eat! while sitting!, she forced the city ordinance folks into a flurry of investigations, hearings, and what not….all of which continue as of this writing.

Thus, more people heard about the place and Russo’s is now doing a brisk business, with a good many folks opting to Sit While Eating instead of, say, going outside and sitting on the curb or in their car while consuming their fare.

No frills or nouvelle cuisine garnishes here, just delicious fare better than mother ever made. From the Steamed Fish Po Boy I first tried, filled with a mountain of small, incredibly sweet steamed shrimp, to the Fried Fish Plate of the fish of the day, everything is cooked to perfection, to order. The plates, which include Fried Shrimp or Fried Oyster plates, Steamed Shrimp Plate, Crab Cake Plate or Deviled Crab Plate, all come with a choice of two of their half-dozen sides. All the sides are excellent, especially the fresh and tender hush puppies—better than I’ve eaten anywhere—as is the potato salad of good sized chunks of red potatoes just tender and filled with fresh potato flavor.

All of the sandwiches, soups (don’t miss the Crab Soup) and salads are genuine, down-home good eats.

So, fish lovers, sit or stand as you wish, but don’t miss this.

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Russo's Seafood Restaurant
209 E. 40th St. (corner of Abercorn)
Savannah, GA 31401
Tel: 912-341-8848
Prices: $4.99 to $10.99
Open Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 5pm











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