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The Green Truck
By Cima Star








When The Green Truck rolled into Thomas Square a year or so ago, I was pleased and simultaneously skeptical. I own a building across the street and knew that an eatery on that corner could only enhance the value of my apartments. On the other hand, The Green Truck proclaimed that everything in this little place was going to be “made from scratch.” The last time I’d heard that particular phrase, it came from the owner of a little café, where the owner advertised his “homemade mushroom soup, made exactly as my grandma made it.”

Shortly thereafter, I discovered from someone who worked there, that his soup recipe consisted of two ingredients—a huge, commercial-sized can of Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup, and a cup or so of fresh mushrooms, which he chopped up and dumped into the soup as he heated it. In all fairness, Campbell’s has been around a long time. Maybe that’s exactly how his grandmother made it.

Anyway, after a few weeks, I noticed that the Truck’s parking lot was jam-packed all the time.

I made several attempts to get in there and try it. Each time, I was told there was a half to an hour’s wait for a table or a seat at the bar. I didn’t have time to wait, but I was intrigued.

A friend brought me an appetizer from there—their “homemade from an old family recipe” pimento cheese plate, within a couple of bites, I was convinced. I can’t put my finger on exactly how it’s made, except that I’d bet on sharp cheddar, cream cheese, buttermilk and paprika along with a healthy dose of pimentos. Delicious. And certainly home made. The best part, though, was on the side—a half dozen or so of the best dill pickles I’ve ever eaten in my life! Crisp, beautifully seasoned, uniquely delicious. I thought I could scarf down a whole basket of them, and since then, I have. They remain the best pickles I’ve ever eaten.

Over the last few months, I’ve eaten a great deal of The Green Truck’s offerings, and have never been disappointed. Pretty much everything is indeed, made from scratch.

The burgers are first rate, all made from grass-fed beef, organic chicken, except for the veggie burger, of course. My favorite is the Gorgonzola cheeseburger, but there are a range of flavors from Mexican-style to Greek to the all-American Farm (bacon, cheddar and an egg).

Other sandwiches beckon, too. My favorite: Chicken and Apples with that marvelous organic chicken breast, thinly sliced apple, provolone, onions, and (homemade of course) ranch dressing.

The salads are unique, fresh and wonderful. My favorites are the Farm Truck, with spiced nuts, Gorgonzola, apple, balsamic, caramelized onions and dried cranberries. Or the Papa’s Salad, with warm roasted potatoes, ham, Gorgonzola and cheddar cheeses, topped with a fried egg.

There are kids meals, too, and fries (homemade) with homemade ketchup.

The Green Truck won the “Best New Restaurant” award this year, and deservedly so.

And I continue to eat my cynical words about “homemade” and “from scratch”.

The Green Truck
2430 Habersham St.
Tel: 912-234-5885
Open Tuesday - Saturday from 11am-11pm
Wine & Beer
Burgers & Sandwiches: $7 to $12.50; Salads: $5 to $12

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