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When the results of our recent SavannahBest Restaurant Survey came in, I was surprised and intrigued to find that Garibaldi's was rated a favorite by a good many readers in the two, distinctly different, categories of "Grand Night Out," and "Casual, Inexpensive Meal." Somehow, despite several years of munching my way through Savannah's restaurants, I'd never been to this city-market dining emporium, so I set out on a recent balmy autumn evening to see what the place was like.

Right away, I could see why this place rates so high in both Grand and Casual categories. The setting is simply beautiful, in what was once the grand entry room of an 1871 Fire Station, complete with the original, dramatic, pressed tin ceiling. Certainly a lovely setting for a Grand Night Out. On the other hand, with many of the patrons garbed in the most casual of shorts or jeans and t-shirts, anyone could feel equally Casual.

The price range reflects the same duality, with entrees ranging all the way from $9.95 for Spaghetti in Tomato Sauce to $31.95 for the spectacular Veal Chop au Poivre, an inch or more thick French cut veal shop flambed in a wild mushroom brandy sauce. Both first rate.

Appetizers, soups and salads are delectable and beautifully presented. For example, the She Crab Soup is a favorite of many, as are the Portobello Mushrooms with pesto and goat cheese. The Calamari is crispy, with a charming apricot shallot sauce. Shrimp Savannah and other seafood appetizers are fresh and sparkling with flavor.

The salads are so fresh one suspects the chef may have his own garden for twice-daily picking, and whoever makes the several unique vinaigrette dressings is a master.

The entrees are equally good, including several tender veal dishes and the Duck Garibaldi, with a sweet ginger-soy glaze.

The pastas are excellent, as are the seafood dishes, and when you combine the two, as in The Seafood Fettuccine, you can feel your taste buds smiling.

The desserts change nightly, leaning towards rich velvety cakes and chocolate concoctions or one (my choice) light as fluff, delicious, creme caramel.

As an added bonus for those of us who love to finish a dinner with an espresso, but who cannot tolerate a lot of caffeine late at night, Garibaldi even offers a decaffeinated espresso, a simple-to-implement touch ignored by most Savannah restaurants. Buon'appetito! Oct. 2003

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315 W. Congress Street
tel: 2327118
Entrees range from: $10-$32











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