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Firefly Café
By Cima Star








When I first went to the Firefly Café more than two years ago, it had just opened, not long after a series of other eateries had collapsed in the same location. I immediately loved this place, but worried that they, too, might have a rough go of it. Not to worry!

That first visit, for lunch on a cold, drizzly day, prompted a bowl of Corn Chowder, while my companion had a tuna sandwich served on a large, fresh and fluffy croissant accompanied by a light, tangy salad of fresh baby greens. It was love at first bite of the chowder, made with corn, red skinned potatoes and carrots, all with a hint of crunch to them, in a light, but creamy base quite different from the usual heavy chowder blend. My devotion to this dish has not waned.

The tuna was lovely too, made from white albacore with just the faintest touch of binders. A pleasant change from the dark, soggy tuna on stale croissant served at another establishment.

Since that first time, I’ve munched my way through many dishes here, which range from my favorite of all their lovely salads, the Cranberry Pecan Spinach, to the Grilled Salmon Club, a rare treat with bacon, tomato and lettuce on one of those beautiful croissants. There are several other unique sandwiches here, ranging from delectable vegetarian fare (even for omnivores like me) to a terrific Reuben or a Hot Italian Sub.

At dinnertime, there is another whole range of delectable dishes. The Atlantic Salmon, served with a sweet corn pecan hash is one of my favorites, as is the Troup Square Pasta, a mélange of shrimp, asparagus, tomatoes and basil with linguine. Talk about great comfort food!

The Grilled Pork Chop, Caribbean Tuna and Chicken Marsala are all delicious, despite the fact that the Chicken Marsala bears little relationship to the original Italian dish.

On weekends, brunch offers a dazzling array of breakfast dishes including some great omelets!

Interesting artwork from local galleries provide most of the decor; the tables are nicely spaced, the service friendly and quick. In balmy weather, the outdoor tables offer the lovely setting of Troup Square and the chance to share your dining experience with your canine pal! Feb. 2005 -- -- CS

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Firefly Café
321 Habersham St.
Savannah, GA 31401
Tel: 912-234-1971
FAX: 912-234-1972
Dinner entrees: $11-$19

Open Mon. through Fri. - 7:30 am – 8:30 pm
Fri. – Sat. till 9:30 pm
Sat. & Sun brunch 9 am – 3:00 pm











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