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Churchill's Pub
By Cima Star








English food has been a passion of mine since my first morsels of Bangers and Mash years ago in a London pub. Addicted at once, every time I came to London, I prowled the pubs in search of every delicacy I could find, and everything I found turned out to be delicious. So when one of our feature writers wrote about the opening of Churchillís, I hustled on down to sample the wares.

At first bite, I thought Iíd found a little bit of heaven and repeated visits have not changed my pleasure. The Bangers and Mash are glorious, the sausages light and beautifully seasoned with hints of sage and mace and other savory aromas, served with rich mashed potatoes. As an added fillip to the dish are some delightfully fresh, julienned vegetables.

Shepherds Pie here is made with ground beef instead of my favorite ground lamb, but still, it is well seasoned, with fresh tasting peas and carrots, those same marvelous potatoes, and the traditional, rarely duplicated outside the British empire, English gravy.

What more could anyone want? Well, one of us wanted Fish and Chips, and three cheers for Churchillís, the fish is cod, beer battered, crisp and tasty, with real English chips, served with the Malt vinegar so dear to everyoneís heart. The Northumberland Stew, a traditional mix of beef and vegetables, has the same delectable seasoning as that lovely Shepherdís Pie gravy.

Iíve not yet had the chance to sample the Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding, but my hunch is that it will prove to be a winner. Alas, there is no Steak and Kidney Pie, another favorite from my London days, although they do have a Steak and Mushroom Pie.

The number one star of the menu, for me is the Chicken and Stilton Pie. Iíve never had this before, and it is a symphony of tastes blended into one light, fluffy pastry crust. The creamy Stilton enhances the chopped chicken, potatoes and herbs.

The Bread Pudding, with its buttered bourbon sauce is a dessert fit for British royalty,

For those all-American souls who want to stick to homegrown dishes, there are plenty, including a fine looking center cut filet, seafood, pasta, and chicken dishes.

A house salad of a nice mix of greens and other tastes seems garden fresh in its crispness, enhanced with pumpernickel croutons.

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Churchillís Pub
13 W. Bay St.
Savannah, GA 31401
Open Nightly till 11pm
Entrees: 10.99 Ė 19.99
Full Bar & awesome beer selection











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