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Belford's Savannah Gets the 'B' Word
By Cima Star








When it comes to restaurants, it’s all about the food, and at Belford’s, the food is all about Excellence. In this instance, however, setting itself is well worth a look. The building, completed in 1902, is replete with lovely arched windows, exposed brick walls and doorways with semicircular, segmental arched top lights. Tucked into one corner of City Market, you can dine indoors or out in the market courtyard. In either case, the setting is beautiful as is the people-watching.

On my most recent trip there with two friends, the B word, Best, kept popping up. One of my guests was from Los Angeles, a place with no dearth of fine dining.

We started off by sharing an appetizer of fried calamari. I thought it the best I’d eaten since days on Italy’s Amalfi coast. My two companions dubbed it the best they’d ever eaten.

The Los Angeles lady had the house salad, a delectable mix of Bibb lettuce (in itself a treat in these parts) tossed with tomatoes, shredded genuine Parmigiano Regiano, and walnuts. Exceptional in its freshness and quality.

Shrimp and Scallops was the choice of Ms. L.A. The seafood was lightly sautéed and both were sweet, tender and succulent, served atop a light as air puff pastry over delicate, baby, barely wilted, spinach. All anointed with a lovely crab and Parmesan cream sauce.

The best scallops I’ve ever eaten, she said, adding that the whole dish was perfection.

My other guest was tucking into his long-time long-time favorite, crab cakes. How are they, I wondered. He stopped eating long enough to ponder the question. I could practically see his mind drifting back to Boston and Baltimore, among other spots. After a long pause, he said, I guess I’d have to say they’re the best I’ve ever eaten. Served with a lemon aioli and tomato jam with red rice and steamed asparagus, all were pronounced delicious..

Now I detest sounding like a copycat. Nevertheless, when I ordered the Shrimp, Greens and Grits, I had to concede to using the B word. Sautéed with apple-smoked bacon, green onions and Chardonnay butter sauce, and served over crisply toasted grit triangles and wilted collard greens, I believe that my five year long quest in search of Savannah’s BEST grits has ended. These crispy little delights reminded me slightly, though they were definitely better, of the crisp, baked polenta slices in some North Italian towns. The shrimp themselves were large, plump, fresh and sweet.

Although we were all on a seafood bent that night, there are pasta, pork and steak dishes available.

Too full to tackle dessert, we wandered, in a cloud of culinary bliss, into the balmy Savannah night. -- CS

Belford’s Savannah
315 W. St. Julian St.

Breakfast Mon - Sat 8am - 11am
Luncheon Daily 11:30am. - 3pm
Dinner Daily 5:30pm - 10pm
Sunday Brunch 11:30am - 3pm
Diner reservations strongly recommended
Full Bar
Most entrees: $24 to $30

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