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Whether you live in Savannah or are visiting Savannah, you’ll never run out of Savannah’s many things to do, places to go, places to see. Here you'll find festivals and events that you definitely don't want to miss. The Places to Go page offers a cornucopia of historical places to visit, often combined with individual events of their own. So get out and enjoy Savannah’s wonderful world of entertainment.













Have Fun at the Doggie Carnival June 2

There’s been a lot of extra wagging and woofing around the office since we told the four-pawed kids at that Doggie Day is coming soon. That’s what they call the Humane Society’s annual Doggie Carnival.

This year’s carnival promises to be the best ever! It has moved to the band shell area of Forsyth Park, offering lots more space, and it now runs from noon till 6 pm. Sunday, May 5. A beer garden has been added, some Cinco de Mayo goodies, a circus and plenty of new stuff for the two-footed kids, plus more booths, more games, more activities for the doggies.

The dogs romp, frolic and wag to their hearts content. They enter the wiener dog races, try their paws at the agility fields, the doggie smooching contest, the look-alike with their owners contest laughing and rocking their way till they’re ready to cool off in the wading pool.

And they come in all sizes, breeds, mixes and shapes. From the lion-hearted Chihuahua’s to the stately Great Pyrenees, from a good sized contingent of sturdy little Corgis, to an occasional regal Chow Chow and plenty of Chow mixes, usually in blazing red fur coats! Numerous booths hand out doggie treats, and of course, the pooches snag their share of their people’s hot dogs and burgers.

Thousands of people, and at least an equal number of canines, attend each year. And even if you don’t have a dog – join in, it’s going to be a fun time.


presents The State of Small Business in Savannah. Thursday, May 23, from 11 am - 1 pm in the Community Room at Savannah Mall The report will be issued by area experts. Admission FREE. RSVP to SCORE at 912-652-4335.

Savannah Voice Festival

Tickets are now on sale for Savannah's new voice festival August 3 - 17 featuring a series of twelve events celebrating beautiful singing. Educational events are free with the majority of other events priced at $15 plus some social gatherings for members. Festival season passes will be available valued at $115 for only $95.

For more information visit or email, call 855-76-OPERA or write to VOICExperience, PO Box 2045, Savannah, GA 31402




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